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Male sexual problem are becoming more and more common. They include problems with erection, poor erection and, consequently, difficulties in making contact with women. Undoubtedly, these problems lead to lower self-esteem. In order to help solve these problems a list of three most popular products was created. What was taken into account include the composition of the supplements, their action, intensity of use as well as availability and the price. Check out our ranking, the choice will became easier.

Ranking of Penis Enlargement pills
Rating 10/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars


Member XXL tablets were created under the watchful eye of the best specialists, who were responsible for creating its innovative formula. The composition of the product includes high doses of individual high-quality ingredients, such as:

  • l-arginine,
  • fenugreek extract,
  • sabal palm fruit extract,
  • ground mace,
  • citronella fruit extract,
  • Korean ginseng,
  • saffron,
  • black pepper.

The manufacturer ensures that Member XXL pills are based only on natural ingredients, so that the risk of side effects is negligible, and if there are any, it is due to non-compliance with the recommendations for their use. Consumers assess that the product is well tolerated and safe.


The first effects can be noticed already after 2-3 weeks from the beginning of the treatment. After this time, the enlargement of the penis can be ovserved and it is larger even by approx. 2 centimetres. A 3-month treatment is able to guarantee an increase of up to 8 centimetres

Studies showed that systematic use of Member XXL tablets contributes to:

  • thickening and lengthening of the penis,
  • the increased the blood flow to the reproductive organs and thus the increased capacity of the corpora cavernosa of the penis,
  • the increased tissue capacity leading to penis enlargement,
  • more frequent and stronger erections,
  • normalising blood cholesterol levels,
  • increased blood circulation in the penis.

The use

Member XXL is available in an easily digestible form, namely tablets. It is recommended to take two capsules daily. One tablet should be taken 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of water. This ensures that the tablets are better absorbed by the body. In order to achieve the best possible results, it is advisable to take the tablets regularly. Studies show that the best effects are obtained when the tablets are used for 3-4 months.

Where and at what price to buy

Member XXL pills are not likely to be found in pharmacies or stationary shops. Capsules purchased on portals such as Ebay may turn out to be counterfeits of the product. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase only through the manufacturer's direct website. The price of one package is £39 and covers a one-month treatment. However, the manufacturer offers attractive discounts for customers interested in larger one-time purchases. If you decide to buy 3 packs, you pay only for 2 packs. If you order 6 packs of the product at once, you pay only 50% for the tablets. We can safely say that such a set is the most cost-effective and, at the same time, provides the best results.

Rating 9,8/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars


Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before were developed on the basis of natural compounds, selected in ideal proportions and in the right concentration, thanks to which it ensures such effectiveness. Thanks to the presence of ingredients of natural origin, Eron Plus is suitable for use by men of all ages. Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before in their formula contain:

  • L-arginine - makes it possible to achieve an erection, has an antioxidant effect and slows down the ageing process; it also increases the body's efficiency, reduces smooth muscle tension, relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
  • Maca root - strengthens the body, increases vitality, improves circulatory processes, improves sperm production.
  • Fenugreek - has a positive effect on male libido and prolongs and helps to maintain erection, eliminates erection problems caused by stress or fatigue.
  • Korean ginseng root
  • Mace - increases testosterone levels and, therefore, increases male strength and improves erections.


Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before together provide support for male problems with achieving or maintaining an erection. The systematic use of the product eliminates the causes of erection problems and improves the quality of an erection. It is safe to say that these products work on men providing them with:

  • a greater desire for sex,
  • improved blood circulation in the penis,
  • harder erection until you reach orgasm,
  • more intense sexual sensations,
  • songer duration of intercourse.

Only 2 weeks are enough to notice the beneficial effects of Eron Plus on the intimate life of a man. The effects are very satisfying, and they intensify with a longer treatment. However, the effects of the supplement are improved by a balanced diet and regularity of sexual relations.

The use

Eron Plus are tablets for regular use. One tablet should be taken twice a day. It is recommended to take the capsules before meals and drink water.

Eron Plus Before capsules should be taken at least 30 minutes before planned intercourse.

The manufacturer assures that the highest effectiveness is provided by the simultaneous use of Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before. The first effects are noticable after just two weeks. The supplementation is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and heart diseases because it affects the circulatory system. The natural ingredients contained in the supplement prevent any side effects.

Where and at what price to buy

Unfortunately, Eron Plus cannot be found on Ebay auctions or in stationary shops or pharmacies. It can be bought through the manufacturer's website, where discretion and safety of purchases are guaranteed. What is more, this is a reliable and credible source which guarantees an original and effective product or a supplement.

1 package of the supplement costs £49 but satisfied consumers assure that it is an adequate price/quality ratio. The producer offers numerous promotions, thanks to which a lot of money can be saved by buying a larger number of packs. When buying 2 packs, the manufacturer gives a third pack free of chargé. Ordering 6 packs, the customer pays only for half of them.

Rating 9,6/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars


Semaxin is a high quality dietary supplement for men struggling with erection problems. The innovative formula is based on natural ingredients which minimize the risk of side effects. Semaxin is a product created on the basis of natural components, which, chosen in the right proportion, influence the effectiveness of action, and thus the achieved effects. Scientists made great efforts to create a supplement, which is a properly selected set of vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts. The composition of Semaxin tablets includes:

  • Mace extract - maintains testosterone at appropriate levels, improves semen quality and enhances mental and physical condition,
  • Astragalus root extract - influences the immune system, circulatory system, ensures correct erection, has very good influence on fertility,
  • Indian Ginseng Extract - improves spermogenesis, affects male reproductive capacity, removes erectile dysfunction, maintains stable testosterone levels and increases libido,
  • Saffron flower extract - boosts libido and increases semen production,
  • NAC, or N-acetyl-L-cysteine - has antioxidant effects, reduces stress, improves mental condition, eliminates mental erection problems,
  • Black pepper extract BioPerine® - cleanses the body from toxins, supports fat burning, slows down the ageing process,
  • Coenzyme Q 10 - influences the proper functioning of all body cells,
  • Vitamin E - enhances sperm production,
  • Vitamin B12 - affects the circulatory and nervous systems,
  • Zinc - improves blood circulation,
  • Selenium - improves sperm motility and viability,
  • Folate


Due to a properly composed formula, Semaxin helps:

  • improve and strengthen erections,
  • increase the volume and motility of sperm in semen,
  • improve spermogenesis,
  • increase the desire,
  • improve maintenance of male sexual function,
  • stimulate testosterone production.

The use

Numerous studies have so far shown no side effects caused by Semaxin supplementation. The presence of natural ingredients makes the product suitable for use by any man wishing to improve sexual performance and fertility. It is worth noting that Semaxin may be used in prophylaxis as well as a product improving the reproductive capabilities of the body.

In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is recommended to take 2 capsules of the supplement daily, 30 minutes before meals with plenty of water. It should be taken for 3 to 6 month. This period depends on the individual conditions of each man. The first effects are visible after 1 month of regular intake.

Where and at what price to buy

The original product is only available through the manufacturer's website, so it cannot be found in stationary sales. One pack of a monthly treatment includes 60 capsules at the price of £49. If you decide to buy more than one pack, you can count on favourable prices. The standard package, which includes 3 packs, is available at the price of £98, whereas the optimal package, 6 packs, at the price of £147, which means that we gain 3 free packs.


Erectile problems are an increasingly common issue and this is true for younger men as well as for older ones. No wonder they reach for solutions which are supposed to help them. We are confident that every supplement we offer will meet even the highest expectations. Analyse the information we gathered and choose the best erection supplement to suit your needs.


Best products for penis enlargement


Observing the dynamically changing situation on the British pharmacological market one may notice that the demand for penis enlargement and erection improving supplements, as well as those influencing better spermogenesis, has significantly increased. It is safe to say that these solutions improve both the physical as well as psychological aspectsn. By far the best penis enlargement products are those that are created under the watchful eye of pharmacists and base their composition on natural ingredients. The penis enlargement supplements consist of mace, L-arginine, ginseng, sabal palm, maca root, fenugreek, and Chinese citronella fruit extract. There are also valuable vitamins and minerals which have a beneficial effect on the male body. It has also been shown that high quality penis enlargement supplements enhance, among other things, testosterone production, increase penis massiveness and length and provide more pleasure to female partners. Users mention erection enhancement, increased sensations, stimulating effect on libido. Studies concluded that the regular use of penis enlargement pills also boosts energy. Only a few weeks are enough to notice satisfactory results.

Penis enlargement tablets


The problem of a small penis is an issue that affects the vast majority of men of varying ages. One of the most effective and, at the same time, most popular methods are penis enlargement tablets. In this case it can be said that the effects are visible to the naked eye. Men should bet on proven and coming from reputable manufacturers penis enlargement tablets. It has been noted that systematic supplementation is able to guarantee penis elongation of up to 8 centimetres. Application of individual ingredients ensures excellent effects. What ingredients? They include Korean or Siberian ginseng, maca root and others. What effects can a man count on when taking this supplementation? These ingredients have a direct effect on pumping blood to the corpus cavernosum of the penis, thus improving the erection, moreover, they also help regulate the whole hormonal economy of a man, support the circulatory system as well as normalise the operation of the central nervous system. A significant number of men decide to use penis enlargement treatment in order to improve also their own self-esteem and self-confidence. Improving one's own masculinity also plays an important role in contacts with women, and consequently also in improving the sexual satisfaction of the partner. It is important to realise that a larger penis means better stimulation and increased sexual satisfaction for both the man and the woman. Choose a supplement tailored to your needs and enjoy the pleasure of sexual sensations.

How do penis enlargement pills work


A large selection of different types of penis enlargement supplements provides many possibilities and effects which every man can count on. The offer includes gels, ointments as well as tablets for penis, thanks to which the penis gets longer and thicker. The duration of the treatment is an individual matter as it depends on numerous factors, such as genetics as well as the effects that can be achieved. Satisfactory results depend on the used ingredients. It is the content of high quality ingredients which contributes to increasing blood flow to the penis, thanks to which the enlarging effect is visible almost immediately. The duration of the treatment usually lasts several months, therefore users have to be patient. The regular use of penis enlargement pills makes the penis visually longer and thicker, which results in deeper sexual experiences of both the man and his partner. The use of supplementation improves and strengthens erection, increases the volume and motility of sperm in semen as well as has a direct influence on the process of spermogenesis. Men using penis enlargement pills also notice improved libido as well as improved maintenance of male sexual function, which is probably an effect of increased testosterone production.

Can the penis be enlarged naturally


To enlarge and lengthen his penis, a man should bring about an improvement in the degree of blood filling of the corpora cavernosa and the spongiosa. How to achieve this? Obviously, surgical intervention is possible but natural methods would be recommended because they can maintain or improve blood supply to the penis. In the first place, the man should bring about a change in lifestyle through regular exercise and more physical activity. This will lead to an improved circulatory system and, consequently, stronger and longer erections. It is recommended to modify the diet to a low-cholesterol one, rich in fruit and vegetables. Following a proper light diet will contribute to weight loss, reducing abdominal obesity, which naturally leads to penis enlargement. How is this possible? The loss of lower abdominal fat causes a natural "lengthening" of the penis since a certain section of the corpora cavernosa was trapped in the fatty tissue. Another natural solution to improve penis length is natural supplementation based on herbal substances, which also increase sexual desire and sensations during intercourse. The high quality of the components used in the production of the supplementation also ensures a high level of safety throughout the duration of the treatment. In many cases, high quality makes the price higher, but people should not save on health. Analysing the composition of particular penis enlargement products, the most effective ones contain, among others, l-arginine, fenugreek extract, sabal palm fruit extract, mace, Chinese citronella fruit extract, Korean ginseng, saffron or black pepper.

What are the advantages of natural penis enlargement


Based on the opinions of men of different ages, it can be concluded that most of them would lengthen their penis by a few centimetres. This is due to the desire to improve their self-esteem, as well as to satisfy their own and their partner's desires. They decide on various types of penis enlargement methods. On the market, there is a wide selection of various natural products helping to increase the size of the penis, which will restore men's boldness and courage during lovemaking games. Penis enlargement tablets are very popular due to their availability and relatively low price compared to surgical procedures. The most frequently mentioned advantages of natural methods of penis enlargement include thickening and lengthening of the penis, more frequent and stronger erections, normalisation of cholesterol levels in blood, increased blood supply to the penis, which causes better erection. Penis enlargement tablets also increase the production of testosterone which is the most important male hormone. This solution is probably the most popular among men. Its advantage is also fast action and relatively low price. The only inconvenience resulting from the choice of this method is the regularity of taking the tablets. What is more, when deciding to buy penis enlargement tablets, we receive a guarantee of full discretion, thanks to which no outsider is able to learn about its content.

Supplements for penis enlargement are effective


When looking for information on methods to help enlarge the penis, one can find analyses of various types of both invasive and non-invasive methods. A significant number of men is inclined towards surgical penis lengthening or natural supplementation. It is the latter that is most popular, as it requires far less money and provides a higher level of safety. Manufacturers outdo each other in developing the most effective products. If the solutions offered by them did not guarantee effectiveness, they would lose on popularityn. The most important thing is to choose the right ingredients because it is their combination in the right proportions that guarantees success of the whole penis enlargement treatment. Analysing individual ingredients, it may be noticed that many of them make it possible to achieve an erection, have an antioxidant effect and slow down ageing processes as well as to increase the efficiency of the body. Choosing natural supplements a man can also count on reducing smooth muscle tone, relaxing blood vessels. Satisfied consumers also mention better libido, longer and stronger erections among the effects of supplementation. We cannot fail to mention the beneficial effect of testosterone, which definitely adds strength and improves erection.